Simple Wedding Inspiration by Jennifer Laura Designs

Cottage Hill

Guest Writer :: Jessica Gobble

A bride in a breezy warehouse filled with natural light and nothing but two chairs and a table to match—this styled wedding shoot has effortless enchantment written all over it. 

When Jennifer of Jennifer Laura Designs decided to take on this wedding styled shoot, her overall goal was an unexpected one.  She explained, “I am the type of person who is always trying to think of the latest idea, the newest trend, what’s coming next.  This shoot was about stripping away all of that and just doing something that would be timeless and beautiful.”

This world is one where “more” most often leads to more and even more.  However, it seems to be “less” that our hearts crave, if we simply slow down enough to realize.

ennifer explained this creative endeavor to be a risky one.  She used some design muscles she didn’t necessarily know she possessed in the first place.  The ethereal quality of the BHLDN dress was perfectly captured by the flowing breeze.  While this seemed like a very intentional design decision, Jennifer described it specifically as a “happy accident.”  Sometimes the most beautiful things happen when we are not afraid.  They happen when we take the time to open the windows and forgo shutting them with the interest of keeping our hair intact when the breeze starts to pick up.  We stop worrying about the few locks that may break free from our precise hairdo, and simply stand in that breeze, feel it on our skin and let the magic unfold.  They happen when a design team has the courage to make the decision to decide less, and let the unassuming take center stage.

When it comes to manufactured or handcrafted beauty, less was so much more in this shoot.  The understated finish of the table and chairs, the sparse amount of items atop the unfinished table, right down to the bare, in-progress look of the brick-laden venue itself all contribute to the dialed back design.  Though the simplicity of this shoot may seem like a lack of decision in some respects, every detail chosen to be less complicated was just that—chosen in the interest of the less-is-more mission of this special shoot.

In the same respect, where the man made beauty was dialed back, the natural beauty held the starring role.  This can be seen in the grain of the wood, the lengthy ivy draped over the chairs and especially the big and bold blooms that bolstered the bouquet into center stage.   When it comes to manufacturing beauty, less is more, but when it comes to the beauty of nature harnessed alongside the manufactured, more is quite frankly just right.

Jennifer explained this creative endeavor to be a risky one.  She used some design muscles she didn’t necessarily know she possessed in the first place. 

This shoot illustrates how stretching yourself in your craft or business doesn’t always have to mean doing more.  Sometimes it can mean doing more with less, but it can also mean doing even less with less.  It can mean saying “no” to more in order to let the few “yes” pieces shine through with more brevity.  It can mean making the good things really great, and then stretching them a little past that, instead of piling on good thing after good thing and calling it a day.   With a little love, a cup overflowing with passion and a dash of bravery, progress can be made in leaps and bounds by inching backward into less--when the time is right--rather than always moving forward into more.

Styling & Design and Flowers by Jennifer Laura Design :: Photography by Korie Lynn Photography :: Calligraphy by The Weekend Type :: Hair and Makeup by Hey Lovely Makeup :: Cake by Buttercup Bakery :: Rentals by Bourbon & Bloom and Darryl and Co.  :: Dress and Earrings from BHLDN :: Venue, Olde Dobbin Station :: Silk Ribbon by Frou Frou Chic :: Marbled Ribbon by Natalie Stopka