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Just one last weekend for our special Homecoming giveaway! Friends, if you have not checked your local Barnes & Noble newsstand, it may be too late as they have been selling out, be go check to see The Homecoming Issue make its debut. More than that, we’d love to see how your read your copy of Cottage Hill. Do you enjoy the stories over breakfast before reading the paper? Do you plan on taking a copy with you on spring break to read on the beach? Do you love how it looks on your coffee table? Share a picture on Instagram (tagging #cottagehill) to enter to win $100 to Barnes & Noble. Winner announced Monday evening!

While we send a few of our final boxes of copies to local boutiques across the nation later this month, we will be opening our store back open to sell the last few copies of Homecoming. Keep your eyes on your inbox as we will be offering a special 24-hour sale for subscribers only! Subscribe here to be in the know. 

Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Klatch in Raleigh later this month! Reserve your tickets here. 

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