Love Letters in a Bottle - A New Valentines Tradition

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We are so excited to welcome Katy Bohls to the blog today sharing a fun and unique Valentines tradition! You may also notice our adorable models - the sweet Nelsons from Love, The Nelsons. Be sure to check our Instagram tomorrow for a fun giveaway with them! All photographed by Silver Cup Artist Jen Dillender. View the full gallery of photographs here.

From Katy :: Start a new tradition this Valentine’s Day! It’s easy, meaningful and something you work on year round. Follow how Shalyn and Drew begin a fun DIY of messages in a bottle. Each week, for the entire year, the couple will write sweet love notes, dreams and fun memories to one another and place them in the bottle. Next year, on Valentine’s Day, they will sit and share their words with one another. 

Supplies ::

Large bottle or jar with a lid

Paper (we used white and ivory paper to help distinguish her notes from his notes)

String or ribbon (two colors to distinguish her notes from his notes)

Hole punch


Paper shredder (optional)


Step 1 ::

Begin by cutting your paper into sections. We cut ours into 2”x4” pieces. 

Step 2 ::

Using a hole punch, create a hole on the side of the newly cut paper section. 

Step 3 ::

Then cut string or ribbon pieces about 10” long. 

Step 4 ::

Thread the string or ribbon through the hole. Continue to cut, punch and string 52 paper tags each to use through out the year ahead. 

Step 5 ::

Starting today, write a little love note, share your dreams or a fond memory you want to read to your love next year. 

Step 6 ::

Be sure not to share this note with your significant other, they will have to wait until next year! Once you have completed the note, roll it up and tie it to keep it from unraveling. Then drop it in the bottle.

Step 7 ::

If you can’t wait to read your first note until next year, go ahead and write one more to hang from the outside of the bottle to enjoy year round!

Step 8 ::

Place the bottle in a location that you frequent. Maybe in your kitchen or living room table, to help remind you to keep writing love notes once a week for the rest of the year.

Step 9 ::

In one year, pop the bottle open and read each note to one another over a yummy Valentine’s brunch or dinner at home. Keep this tradition going, and do it all over again for the following year!

Couple is Shalyn and Drew Nelson  :: Photographs by Jen Dillender :: Concept and Floral Design by Katy Bohls of Without Wax, Katy :: Captured at The Nelson's Home

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