Austin Travel Guide

A few weeks ago the Cottage Hill team packed their bags for a trip to Austin, Texas. With photo shoots to attend for our upcoming issue, The Captivated Issue, and Silver Cup artists to meet we were thrilled to have the chance to hit the road and follow the mission of Cottage Hill. Along the way we met up with Silver Cup artist Emilie Anne Photography who joined us for a day of visiting local shops and stops.  Here are just a few of the places we loved!

We started our morning with coffee and doughnuts of course! Lucky Lab Coffee Co. is a food truck completely dedicated to handcrafted coffee with all in-house made syrups! Husband and wife team Ron and Courtney shared stories of their five pups that inspired their truck, and thrilled us with just how tasty their coffee is!  With their unique appreciate to a food truck they even do special events and weddings, or maybe they can just come and sit outside of the Cottage Hill office!

We also stopped by Gourdough’s, an airstream food truck devoted entirely to the art of over-the-top donuts! We filled our bellies with scrumptious Granny Pie Doughnuts covered in banana, caramel, and graham cracker crumbles. Among their extravagant combinations we were informed not to miss the Flying Pig complete with bacon and maple syrup icing. This was a treat to say the least!

In case we hadn’t had enough caffeine we had to pop in Houndstooth Coffee. It was the perfect relaxed environment to meet with artists and enjoy a morning cup of Joe. The baristas quickly poured beautiful designs into our cups and despite our reluctance to sip them and destroy their work that rich coffee was worth it.

We were excited to try a few Austin restaurants as well! If you are a newbie to oysters like me, head to Clark's Oyster Bar. This adorable restaurant not only has an amazing variety to pick from, but the environment was enough to want to stay forever! 

This lovely ivy covered building count our eye! We couldn't leave Austin without popping in! The Epicerie Café and Grocery is a wonderful stop for specialty cheeses, chocolate, or other treats! 

If you are interested in a bit of shopping Feathers Boutique serves as a great stop for vintage finds and artisan jewelry. With an entire wall devoted to vintage cowboy boots and cabinets filled with artisan jewelry we were excited to look through their unique collection! 

Just in case we hadn't had enough treats, we stopped at Elizabeth Street Café. This quant restaurant and bakery was a perfect stop for pastries! Taking a peek into the glass display case we couldn’t say no to a few French macaroons!