Posies Floral

We are always intrigued by the stories behind the artists. Constance Higley sent us these behind the scenes moments of her friend Jamie of Posies Floral to share her story. Jamie shares why she does what she does below. enjoy!

At first glance, I'm nothing special: college dropout, stay-at-home mom to three wild (though darling) kids, and semi-full time florist. Honestly, some days I don't feel very special, especially when compared to all of the amazing women whose posts flood my Instagram with a steady stream of creative genius. I mean, I'm a mess! My studio is a sweltering nook eked out of our one-car garage in the Arizona desert, and often I have to take my kids along with me for photo shoots and meetings. 

But then, maybe that is what makes me—my life, my job, my world—special after all. Shortly after the birth of my third child, I had an epiphany: everything I do sets an example to my babies. Do I want to raise unmotivated couch bums who sit around eating cheese puffs all day and complaining about the mess? Of course not...so I had to step it up. Around that time, I took a deep look at the empty spaces in my life and decided to fill them again with a long-neglected passion: flowers. And Posies was born.

Or should I say...re-born. I dabbled in floral arranging years ago, though never with any consistency. But this time, with three tiny faces looking up at me, the stakes were so much higher. This time I wanted to succeed so I could set an example of hard work and dedication for my children. I felt guided every step of the way as I began to dig in my heels to make Posies something I'm proud of. Working with kids is certainly not as easy as it was before I became a mother, but it wasn't as satisfying back then, either. Sure, it's rough taking three kids on day trips to scout out new wholesale sources, but on the other hand, I get to share this journey with them—how many moms can say that?

Every day my children watch me work for something I love, and I believe there is power in that. 

That power is my driving force.

Katie O. SelvidgeComment