Gift Wrap Tutorial

We are thrilled to share a lovely Christmas wrapping tutorial from Silver Cup Artists Amanda Day Rose! We are swooning over the naturally dyed fabric and details and we think you will too! Even more exciting? You can collect all the supplies or make your holiday wrapping simple by purchasing a kit from Amanda! Pop over to her website for details! Read on for a note from Amanda and instruction on how to create this wrap at home! 

Ever since I was a little girl, pretty gift wrap has been just as important to me (if not more) than the heartfelt gift inside the package. I’ll never forget decorating my very first apartment for Christmas and making sure each package was wrapped with loving care. Each year, I even go so far as to have a particular style to the packages under my tree so everything looks cohesive. As I’ve developed my own style over the years, my gift wrapping style has come into its own as well. These days I prefer natural gift wrap that tells a story and can be a gift within itself. In the end, it’s not what’s in the package that matters, but the love, heart, and joy that went into handpicking and wrapping each item for your recipients.


•   Flour sack towels

•   Natural dye such as walnut ink and tea

•   Push pins such as pearl floral pins

•   Variety of ribbons and twine

•   Gift tags

•   Greenery

•   Wax and wax seal


1. Dye your flour sack towels. This can be done by soaking your fabric in tea or other natural dyes. For tea you will want to let your fabric soak in warm steeped tea for about an hour or until it is your desired color. Hang on a clothesline to let dry completely.

2. Once flour sack towels are dry, hand-wash them to remove excess dye so it does not stain your package.

3. Fold a flour sack towel to the size needed for your package. I started by folding the towel in half, eyeballing the package on top of the towel, and extending the size as needed. No need to cut the fabric!

4. Use push pins to seal the fabric closed on the box. I used two pins per side of the box, for a total of 10 pins on each package.

5. Tie a pretty ribbon around the package.

6. Attach the gift tag and sprig of greenery with a wax seal.

Note : This gift wrapping technique is a beautiful, eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper. Although it’s perfect for any standard size package, it works best on a medium size box and is a great addition to coffee mugs or cookbooks. 

Styling and Gift Tags by Amanda Day Rose :: Photography by Andrea Pesce Photography


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