Mountainside Engagement

We love the simplicity and sincerity of this engagement session sent to us from Silver Cup Artist Emily Ann Hughes. The groom Zach shared with us how he and Mary met, and how he won her heart. Read more below. 

Mary and I met our sophomore year in high school when I was sitting across from her in World History class. Her big blue eyes locked me in real hard. She was really shy, and I was the complete opposite, so obviously, I had to pursue her. Ultimately, we ended up dating the rest of high school, but then due to attending two different colleges, we broke up the night before our freshman year began. We both parted ways having a mutual respect and understanding of moving on, being thankful for what we had the last three years. 

During college, we see each other back home a few times over the holidays since we are from the same hometown. Overall we had moved on, yet the Christmas break of our junior year came around and I noticed that something was different about her, and because of this I couldn't stop thinking about her after I got back to school. I began pursuing her again and although it took me seven months to convince her, she finally said yes to dating me again. 

For the proposal, I created an entire day of nostalgia back in our hometown to let us relive some of the most memorable parts of our relationship. We started with breakfast in our now hometown of Dallas, and then a three and a half hour drive to Edmond that was torture for Mary, and then a stop at each place that meant something special to us. The classroom where we met, our favorite lunch cafe, and our favorite coffee shop. It ended on the dock at a local lake where we first began dating in high school and where I then asked Mary to marry me. She said yes! After I asked the big question, we went to Mary's home where she was surprised with all of our family and closest friends to celebrate with us.  

When taking our pictures, we wanted them to be in a place that represented our passions as a couple, which is anything outdoors and full of adventure so the Wichita Mountains were a perfect setting. We are now counting down the days until we get to say "I do" and spend every day together making new memories as husband and wife!

Katie O. SelvidgeComment