A Local Artists' Gathering

Katie of Common Artistry, a local gathering of artists, shared with us her heart for cultivating authentic community for creatives. She shared this evening meal with us and some words about why these gatherings are important. Read more below. 

Let's take a moment to ask the question: "Why invest in the arts?"

We live in a culture and time where we can easily access music, art and goods quickly and conveniently. Why purchase a handmade table when you could buy one online? Why drive an hour to hear a concert when you can listen to music for free straight from your phone?

The truth is- we are losing our intimate connection to art, and those who create it. Networking today means endless hours on social media and one the phone- but rarely does it mean sitting down for a meal with one another. Our priorities have shifted from "I want to know you" to "What can you offer me?"

The problem with this transactional way of life is that it often leaves those who create art feeling disconnected and possibly even used by the consumer. While the aim of art is to reveal the most vulnerable and beautiful parts of the artist to the world, we have actually begun to lose the practice of slowing down and intimately connect with each other.

What would it look like to create a space in which artist and patron were able to sit down together for a meal? What would happen if you knew the face behind the art you purchased, or the music you listened to? And perhaps most importantly, what would happen if our focus was on creating actual, authentic relationships with one another instead of merely producing and consuming?

Common Artistry is founded on the belief that truly slowing our lives down and making the effort to create intimate relationships with those who create art is perhaps the most profound and beautiful way to appreciate art, in general.

We host intimate gatherings such as dinners, shows and workshops where up-and-coming artists, makers and musicians have the opportunity to not only to showcase their work, but also to physically slow down and build meaningful relationships with the other artists and guests who are joining them.

To collaborate or to find out more about Common Artistry gatherings, visit them on Facebook, instagram and at commonartistry.com.