Cottage Hill Quotes N° 2

Cottage Hill Quotes

Do you ever feel restless? Like it's time to do something new or different? Do you ever feel like something greater is pulling at your heart and your mind is suddenly filled with new inspiration? Maybe you realize what your purpose in life really is, or you finally know how to create more quality time with your darling. 

Last month, the Cottage Hill team and I spent a lot of time refining, eliminating and honing in on the things that made us restless - stories that kept finding a voice in our conversations or people who we kept getting vibes from that we should connect on a deeper level. We cut out the expectations and lists, and chose to only listen to the deep tugs, or as Anais says, we listened to the stars that were pulling our hair. Needless to say, if you were to compare our 2015 calendar in December to what it is today, it would look astonishingly different. It's a lot more interesting, a lot more meaningful and honestly, a lot much fun. Yes, 2015 is going to be a great year.

What are the stars that are pulling your hair? Perhaps your planning your wedding, your home, a family, a new career or just this next week or this new month...what if you cut out the expectations and distractions and listened only to your stars? What is really tugging at you, making you restless? Share with us on Instagram and leave a comment letting us know what your stars are.

Also, welcome our quote artist of the month, Jenny Sanders of Graceline! Not only is Jenny incredibly talented, and a huge supporter of Cottage Hill (you can see more of her work in The Homecoming Issue), but she also has an incredible heart. Check back each Sunday this month to see more from her!

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