A Simple Wedding by Breanna Elizabeth Photography

Cottage Hill Simple Wedding

We are so excited to welcome Abe and Jane to the online journal, featuring their simple backyard wedding captured by Breanna Elizabeth Photography. The meaningful choices this couple made for each detail in their wedding is so parallel to our hearts and what we believe a wedding represents - the beginning of a marriage, a legacy. Here is what Jane had to say about their special day:

For both Abe and I our favorite moment was when I walked down the aisle. For him, it was seeing me for the first time, and for me it was walking with my parents, hearing the song, seeing all my friends and family, and mostly seeing Abe's face. It was such an incredibly powerful moment for both of us. A second personal favorite moment was our "first dance", that probably went unnoticed by most people right after the toasts to one of our favorite love songs.

The ceremony itself really represented us and what marriage really means to us. Having a self-uniting ceremony was something we felt really strongly about and felt completely natural. It allowed us to commit ourselves to each other in front of everyone we loved in a way that felt like us and let us completely create our ceremony and include more of the people we love. It was really important to have the friends and family who shaped our lives and relationships also shape our ceremony. The readings and poems they chose, and things they said about Abe and I are were absolutely perfect (and all a surprise to Abe and I), they were all just so wonderfully overwhelming. Those combined with the toasts later in the evening really were the highlights for us both, and exactly what the whole day/ night was all about for both of us.

Other details we loved were all the the beautiful, and loving contributions of our incredibly talented friends and family. Our friend Lily Jensen's absolutely stunning hand painted Pittsburgh inspired save the dates and invitations. Our friend Dierdre Shea's perfect programs and insanely awesome "Jabe" ashtrays, and the customized ones she made for both of our fathers. My cousin Natalie Blough's incredibly beautiful flowers. Our friend Seth Hufford's killer DJ skills. All of our friends and family who brought a mountain of delicious treats to the cookie table. Having such incredible, giving people in our lives just served as a reminder of the love we are surrounded by and how much it has strengthened our relationship and brought us to this point. 

Ultimately, I think the lack of a lot things is what really reflected us as a couple. No officiant, place settings, announced dances, cake, bridal party... While there were definitely a lot of traditional elements to our wedding we tried to let go of the things that didn't feel true to us as a couple as best we could. 

One thing that was really great about the day was right after the ceremony where Abe and I went inside and had a few minutes to ourselves to just take it all in, laugh about putting the rings on the wrong hands, and just talk about our days, we missed each other after being apart! 

Venue located at a private residence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania :: Photographs captured by Breanna Elizabeth Photography :: Donut Tower by Bella Christies & Lil Z's :: Homemade Jams by the Bride and Groom :: Invitations by Lily Jensen :: Programs by Dierdre Shea :: Wedding Dress from Shareen Vintage NYC :: Floral Design by Natalie Blough of Cottage Garden Designs :: DJ Seth Hufford :: Catering provided by Kate Lasky and Tomasz Apteka :: Hair and Makeup by Hannah Conard

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