Most Loved Moments - The Gowns, Part Two

Austin Gros  :: See more below and  read more here

Austin Gros :: See more below and read more here

Of course, for our most beloved gowns, we had to divide into two posts. In case you missed it, be sure to go back one post to read some of our suggestions for beginning your gown search. Here are a few more ideas to help you find the gown that reflects you best on your wedding day. 

Be mindful of what wedding designers reflect your general aesthetic. Designers typically launch new collections every fall and spring, October and April. So take a look at the runways to see what is new, and perhaps look back on the past year’s collection. Just because a gown is fresh off the runway does not been it will speak to you. An older collection may have a gown that you like better. You can check the designer’s stock lists to see if there is a boutique that still holds that design. 

Many wedding designers are also creating non-traditional options or evening wear that can also serve as wedding gowns or reception gowns. We love seeing untraditional brides be true to their natural style and wear one of these unique creations. Who says you have to wear white?

Accessories and mindful beauty choices are very important in completing the look. Perhaps you are not a woman who typically wears her hair down every day, so maybe you don’t wear your hair down because it’s not a natural reflection of your style. Maybe a soft braid or loose chignon reflects your style best and completes your wedding day look. A bracelet or other piece of jewelry from family is always a wonderful, meaningful addition. But also consider investing in a new piece of jewelry, perhaps starting your own traditional as a pice to pass down the generations. 

Again, the most important thing to remember is to choose the gown, the style, accessories and beauty that most reflects you. You want to feel your best and most joyful. Here are a few more of our most loved gown moments on the online journal thus far. Have a bridal story or shoot you think fits within our aesthetic? We’d love to see! Be sure to submit here. And don’t forget to follow on Pinterest for more inspiration!