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Photography by   Melissa Green  ::  Read More Here

Photography by Melissa Green :: Read More Here

It may only be January, but we are already piecing together The Captivated Issue, writing stories, reviewing submissions, welcoming familiar and new sponsors and planning our original shoots across the nation later this spring. But perhaps one of our favorite part of our printed publication is found in Chapter Two, the real weddings that grace our pages. 

We love reading love stories. With a box of tissues handy, we love reading the bride's point of view of the day, and all the days leading up to the wedding. The joy is certainly in the journey, and learning about how a couple falls in love, overcomes obstacles together and selflessly gives themselves to each other, for better or worse, inspires us. Love is not a fairytale, we all know. But it's in the honest, raw moments - of knowing the other person's ugliest moments and loving them wholeheartedly and them doing the same in return - that's the beginning of a legacy we want to share. 

For The Captivated Issue and online journal, we are looking for these stories. For print, we are looking for stories that follow the idea that we should be captivated not by the things, but the people and ideals that motivate us to get up every morning - that motivate us to do good. With those stories, we are looking for real weddings and elopements that evoke a sense of other-worldly, everlasting, reverie-like love. Real love that through text and photography reminds readers of what really matters.

Have a story to share? We'd be honored for you to share it with us! Simply submit here. Here are a few of our most-loved real weddings from the online journal. We'll be sharing the real weddings from The Homecoming Issue in a few weeks when we countdown to our newsstand debut!

Photography by   The Chattmans  ::  Read More Here

Photography by The Chattmans :: Read More Here

Photography by   Emily Chidester  ::  Read More Here

Photography by Emily Chidester :: Read More Here

Photography by    Arnau Dubois Photography  :: Read More Here

Photography by Arnau Dubois Photography :: Read More Here

Photography by Baker Photography :: Read More Here

Photography by   Adrian Micheal Photography  :: Read More Here

Photography by Adrian Micheal Photography :: Read More Here

Photography by   Ashley Slater   ::  Read More Here

Photography by Ashley Slater  :: Read More Here