Most Loved Moments - The Gowns, Part One

For many brides, choosing the gown is the very first step in planning for their wedding. It can also be one of the most emotional moments in planning for a wedding. It’s the quintessential moment every girl dreams of and to see your reflection in the dress with perhaps family or friends behind you puts into perspective that that moment is now a reality. 

When searching for the gown. it’s always a good idea to plan on trying on each shape - ball gown, mermaid, trumpet, A-line, sheath, etc. What may look beautiful in a magazine or Pinterest, may be different in person. Starting with finding a shape that makes you feel good helps narrow the field of searching. Keep an open mind though, you will be surprised what gowns draw your attention and which ones really make your heart sing once it’s on your body. 

Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of wedding you want. Does the gown reflect the venue, size or surroundings well? Granted, we never recommend putting restrictions on what gown makes you feel best, but logistically speaking, an intimate wedding in the forest may be a little tedious with a lavish train. 

Be mindful of not just how the gown looks, but how it feels. How does the fabric feel on your skin? If you’re the dancing type, can you move well? I remember when I found my Amsale gown, I felt like I was receiving a soft hug from the gown. The structure felt good on my body, the organza, luxurious. I felt elegant, but free - exactly how I wanted to feel on my wedding day.

In the end, my biggest recommendation is to choose the gown that makes you feel most like you. Whether that’s classic and white or unstructured and nontraditional, ignore the trends, ignore what other brides are doing in the end and choose the gown that is going to make you feel beautiful and excited. 

Here are a few posts we’ve shared in the few months since our launch that have been a favorite among readers with beautiful gown inspiration. Be sure to follow on Pinterest and check our journal category Wedding Inspiration for more! We’ll be sharing more of our most beloved gowns after lunch, so be sure to check back for more beautiful inspiration!