Surprise Engagement by Lamb & Meadow

Cottage Hill Engagement

When we received this surprise engagement from Leah of Lamb & Meadow, we couldn't help but share this incredible story! Meagan and Morgan had been together for five years before Morgan reached out to Leah, asking to arrange a couple's shoot where he planned to surprise her with a certain question. Leah was able to convince Meagan that she needed to shoot them for a 'styled shoot.' Meagan was the perfect model, but little did she know that just behind her Morgan was on one knee ready to ask her to marry him. 

As Leah shared, "He snuck behind her and immediately got down on one knee. I was nearly weeping when Megan looked at me in complete disbelief. She was beyond ecstatic and she too began weeping tears of joy! Morgan was giggling, and I was doing everything I could not to toss my camera and hug her!"

Her answer? A resounding yes! Enjoy the story below and see the full gallery here

Photographs by Lamb & Meadow

Katie O. Selvidge6 Comments