Meet The Homecoming Issue

Introducing a new kind of magazine - a wedding and lifestyle publication featuring fine art inspiration that evokes a sense of elegance and meaning. The Homecoming Issue explores the idea that a wedding is more than the beginning of a marriage, but of a home, a family, a legacy. This is truly the foundation of Cottage Hill. 

We are honored to share the cover of our first issue. A huge thanks to Sea Light StudiosElizabeth StuartMenguinMr. FlowersMia Moriguchi, Kalea Shaina Sotelo, Miller Williams and Island Sails Kaua’i for creating a story that embodies the mission of Cottage Hill. Also a warm thank you to the 30+ creative teams across the nation who have contributed original, authentic stories to Book I. 

While the Homecoming issue has not officially launched, it will be available to the public later this month as we are days away from sending files to the printers, we did want to honor all of our loyal supporters who have encouraged us since the beginning, one year ago this month. 

Starting today through Friday, October 10th, we will offer a preorder price of $10.99 per copy. Then on October 11th, preorders will be listed at our cover price of $12.99 each. Contact Katie for more information on wholesale and stock lists. 

Preorder your copy today!