California Engagement by Kurt Boomer


California natives Lauren and Don are quite the adventurous pair. From hot air ballooning in Turkey to hiking in Vietnam, it is only fitting that this couple got engaged at the base of a stunning waterfall.

While on the trail, I convinced Don to scramble up a stream bed looking for a waterfall we had been told could be found at the top.  When we reached the falls, Don jumped down from the last boulder and I saw a pouch drop out of his jacket.  It was the ring!  Don looked like a deer in the headlights but picked up the pouch, took out the ring box, and asked me to marry him at the base of the falls.”

Lauren and Don share a heart for nature and the timeless beauty of California. They wanted their love of the outdoors to be reflected in their engagement pictures.

“Our photographer, Kurt, suggested a hiking trail in Malibu Canyon that ended up being lovely. The fields, stream, native oak trees, and curving road made for just backdrop we had envisioned.”

This sweet pair wandered hand-in-hand through a landscape filled with trees generations old, down a winding road cutting through the mountains and across stones smoothed by the rushing water. Lauren and Don’s relationship displays that no adventure is as great as the adventure of life together.

Photography by Kurt Boomer