Stephanie + Sean by Christine Doneé

Cottage Hill

Marriage is about grace as much as it is about love. Giving your other half the same grace you hope to receive even when you might not feel like they deserve it -- that’s what marriage is all about. Sean and Stephanie's marriage is a true example of placing the other’s dreams before their own and going the distance to share their love for one another.

After moving from New York City to Los Angeles for Sean to pursue a career opportunity, they realized that as long as they are together they're home. Sean and Stephanie chose the California coast to take their one year anniversary photographs since the beach holds a special place in both of their hearts.

From Stephanie, "We’re both big beach people. Sean grew up spending summers on the beach in Cape Cod and I in Long Island and my parents’ hometowns in northwestern Spain. I thought it’d be nice to take photos in a spot that represented our new life together in California but that also felt familiar and very us. Also, it’s gorgeous!. We got married on a dreary December day in New York so most of our wedding photos were taken inside. For our anniversary shoot I wanted something completely different and living in Southern California made it easy.”

What would you tell a couple about to be married?

Your wedding day is not going to be perfect and you should hope it’s not the greatest day of your life because there is so much more adventure ahead. Trust us, we should know: We had to reschedule our wedding after Hurricane Sandy destroyed our original venue!

What have you learned from your first year of marriage?

Sometimes you just need to let go of things. It might hurt your ego, but it’s what’s best for your marriage.

What are you looking forward to most in the future?

Raising a family, traveling, seeing both of us realize the goals we used to quietly share with each other in dimly lit dive bars.

Just as the weathered rocks on the beach were carefully stacked one by one so will their life together, “year by year, moment by moment.”