Charleston Elopement by Emily Chidester


There is nothing but pure joy in Amanda and Jeff's wedding photos. Their smiles, their laughter, it's so obvious that this was truly a day of celebration. I love the simplicity of an elopement. All of the focus is on two people who are crazy in love joining together to become one. One couple that is better together than they are apart. 

From Amanda, "I don't think marriage has made me a better person as much as my entire relationship with Jeff has. It's all very selfless always thinking about someone else so that's a great effect of marriage, but you also learn that you need to take care of yourself just as well in order to be the best partner you can be. It really teaches you balance."

From Emily, "I love shooting weddings because of the human connection. I'm a firm believer in the notion that we were not created to be alone, so when two people find each other in this crazy world and pour into building one another up, loving each other through the beautiful and messy moments, commit to exploring themselves, life and spaces together - I want to be a part of making those memories tangible for them. I personally love shooting weddings because I love, love. When my couples let me into those intimate moments of snuggling and kissing and speaking promises to one another, when I get to be there to see the first look and how he falls apart seeing her in a wedding dress, or how she's so excited she can't wait to just hold him.. those are the moments that make my heart flutter. Elopements are kind of creeping back into the world of weddings and truthfully, I love those even more. With elopements, you get a day that's truly focused on the bride and groom and their love for each other, without people sharing stress/opinions and timelines and details that don't go as they should - a time where the raw moments and celebration of two people in love are really what's glorified. Those are what I want to photograph."

Photography by Emily Chidester :: Make-up by Pink Dot Beauty Bar :: Bridal gown from BHLDN :: Groom's suit from Saks Fifth Avenue :: Ceremony location: Hampton Park :: Reception venue: Mixson Bath & Racquet Club