Love Letters by Kelly Sauer


Waiting. Waiting for a letter in the mail. Waiting for a love to return home. A simple letter holds words filled with love and promises from across the ocean. This is the love that many of our grandparents and great-grandparents shared. A love filled with distance, waiting and time but also timelessness.

Kelly Sauer of Exquisitrie, was inspired by her own grandmother’s story of waiting for her husband to return from war when they were only sweethearts. “After my grandparents met while attending Oberlin College, my Grandpa left college to serve in World War II and my Grandma missed him dearly when he left. My Grandpa's younger brother, Dave, offered to take her to the Spring Formal in Grandpa's place even though he was interested in another young lady.”

“My Grandma readied herself for the party and descended the stairs to meet Dave and instead found my Grandpa waiting there in his dress uniform ready to take her himself. He proposed that same weekend on his surprise visit home with a pretty diamond set in a white-gold band with little hearts cupping the stone.”

“My Grandma wore the ring until she died and it came to me after I got engaged. I put the stones into my own wedding ring, as a way to keep her with me at my wedding. Uncle Dave and Aunt Eunice, the lady he was interested in when he asked my Grandma to the dance, attended too - a special part of my story that I will always treasure.”

Whether you are separated from your love by war, a career, school or solely distance, the wait will bring a stronger, more patient love.

Photography by Exquisitrie by Kelly Sauer :: Gown from Shop Gossamer :: Florals & Styling by Kelly Sauer Ltd. Co. :: Hair & Make-up by Dannon K. Collard, MUA :: Silk Ribbon from Silk and Willow :: Vintage Details by Sarah Wallace & Kelly Sauer :: Model: Kayla Miller :: Set Assistant: Joshua Long