Family Farm Anniversary by Ever + Anon


After ten years of marriage and two children, Nathan and Megan have built a life together. When I asked Megan about their marriage she said something that truly tugged at my heart, “The most important thing I've learned from marriage is to give. Whether you’re just giving in general or forgiving, they’re both huge! Putting your partners needs before yourself is key. I would tell a couple who’s about to get married to keep God first and your partner second and everything will be okay.”

Together they built their dream home for their family surrounded by land, chickens, cattle and old live oak trees. The trees hold special meaning for Megan as she often thinks of Nathan as her shade tree. “I have a love for mature oak trees because I think they symbolize growth, maturity, and shade when you need rest.”

A love that grows deeper and stronger like the oaks is the kind of love that this sweet couple shares.