Be A Gracious Guest

Cottage Hill Gracious Guest

Before the countdown to 2015 begins, perhaps your hosting your first New Years Eve Party like yesterday's story, or you're attending a party. One of our favorite details from yesterday was the hostess gift box. Whether attending a black tie dinner or neighborhood get-together, it's always a kind gesture to bring the host and hostess a little something for their hospitality. 

When choosing a hostess gift, be mindful not just of the gift receiver, but how it feels to host a party. By the end of the night, or start of the morning, it can be completely exhausting and overwhelming to look around at the mess to clean and dishes to wash. Perhaps something thoughtful could be a nice candle to be burned to get the house back to smelling fresh while confetti is swept up. Maybe, like our story yesterday, some decadent goodies like chocolate and bubbly can encourage a quiet moment between host and hostess to enjoy a little moment to cherish the New Year after all the excitement and guests have left. 

Whatever you choose, don't forget a little note of appreciation. A hand-written note of thanks for being welcomed into someone's home is a gracious and kind way to cultivate a meaningful relationship with a new acquaintance or old and dear friend. 

Photography by Cottonwood Road Photography :: Paper Designs by Magnolia Tree Paperie :: Makeup by Wendy Zerrudo :: Floral Design by Pearls and Poppies :: Jewelry provided by LAW Designs :: Wardrobe Bee's Knees Loft :: Special thanks to models Katie & Zach Ruppel, Andrew Lang, Molly Black & Ciera O'Modhrain

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