Merry Christmas, Darling by Ely Fair Photography and Poppy Lane Design


For our very last Cottage Hill Original of the year, I couldn’t be more excited. Not only do we have two lovely Silver Cup Artists - Ely Fair Photography and Poppy Lane Design - collaborating together, but the story behind this shoot is something close to my heart. You see, my husband and I are wanting to start a family soon, but we also know that with children, couples can quickly forget to spend quality time, alone, together. And during the holidays, the time seems to disappear even faster. That’s what this shoot is about.

There’s something extra magical about Christmas, especially with little ones around - running, squealing and maybe jumping in bed extra early just in case Santa Claus decides to get an early start. After all the presents are wrapped and safely under the tree, Elf has been watched more than once and at least a dozen cookies are missing, it suddenly gets quiet. The house finds a calmness. 

That same quiet you felt when you first saw him, then later on when you saw the ring and question in his eyes. The calm excitement you felt when you both got into the getaway car after your reception. The peace you felt that came after forgiving each other after your first big argument, and the next one, and the next. The quiet suspension of joy when you realized your hearts were about to be radically transformed the moment you met your first child. The same joy when you met the second child. 

It’s another moment to be later collected in your most treasured memories - giggling like its your first date, playing footsie in your favorite knit socks and stealing kisses between sips of cider. A quiet moment to count your blessings together, and share visions, dreams for the new year. And to say, Merry Christmas, darling. 

Photography by Ely Fair Photography :: Creative Direction + Floral Design by Poppy Lane Design :: Hair and Makeup by Kelsie Loyd :: Calligraphy by Design Roots :: Wood provided by Big-Name Lawn Care :: Cards by Rifle Paper Co. provided by Dutch Floral & Home :: Special thanks to Melissa Click and family

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