Mountain Maternity by Jameykay and Arlie


Motherhood is such a beautiful and miraculous process.  Jameykay and Arlie Photography worked with Liz of LWD Couture to create a mountainside maternity session on the Blue Ridge Parkway that would showcase the femininity and beauty of a woman during pregnancy. The mountains create a cradle for the valley below and they felt this was the perfect depiction of the relationship between a mother and her child. 

Liz describes the thought process behind the creation of this maternity gown: "Jackie has a radiant soul and I wanted to design a gown that made her feel beautiful, feminine and like a true goddess. I chose to use silk charmeuse because it has such a beautiful drape and flow to it. I hand dyed the gown a seafoam green to compliment her lovely skin-tone. My biggest goal as a designer is to create gowns that are not only beautiful, but comfortable as well."

I asked Jameykay to tell me why she believes it's important to do a maternity session: "As a photographer I feel a responsibility to capture fleeting moments in a person's life. I didn't truly find the importance in maternity sessions until a dear, sister-like friend was pregnant with her first child. She had a rough pregnancy and most days she literally couldn't get out of bed much less think about how beautiful she felt while pregnant. The good moments for her were worth saving - not just worth it to her but to me as well. I saw my dear friend as a strong, beautiful, and highly admirable woman who could get through anything. I saw first-hand how important it was to capture and immortalize the goddess she became while she carried her daughter."

Photography by Jameykay and Arlie Photography :: Gown designed by LWD Couture