The Captivated Issue + Giveaway

Cottage Hill The Captivated Issue

For those of you who read The Homecoming Issue cover to cover, and we know many of you did, you would have seen on our last page that the next issue is The Captivated Issue. I am so excited for this next issue because for me, the idea of being captivated by something says a lot about what truly holds our hearts. We’ll be exploring the idea that we should be captivated by the people we love, missions and movements that promote a beautiful and meaningful life and not by the “stuff” around us. I am honored to have Jen Huang as our cover photographer, and I cannot wait to unveil more details and features to come!

As of now, we have a handful of stories completed and will be working hard all spring, traveling and shooting with Silver Cup Artists, Print Sponsors and Contributors around the country. I know you are as excited as I am to see what is in Cottage Hill’s future, so I thought we would share a tiny glimpse of one of our completed stories from The Captivated Issue featuring Perry of Perry Vaile Photography and Abany of Abany Bauer. Our couple is actually a real couple - we love real couple models! - and features one of our very own team members. Can you guess who?

And just for our Facebook followers, we have a special giveaway featuring this beautiful cutting board by Designlump. Be sure to ‘follow’ us on Facebook and watch for the giveaway post this morning to enter!

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