A First Look by Shalyn Nelson


There's butterflies in your stomach. You keep telling yourself to try and remember everything, because you never want to forget this moment. After months of anticipation, it's finally here.

You touch his shoulder and he slowly turns around. One look into your eyes and his are welling up with tears. You could never forget the look on his face even if you tried. It's been etched into your heart for you to re-visit and enjoy forever. 

There's something so sweet about a first look. 

It's a moment designed to help you slow down and truly take each other in during a day that's over before you know it. It's time designated for you to wrap up in each other's arms, cry, giggle, and let your hearts experience a blissful happiness that they've never felt before. And here at Cottage Hill, we think it's a moment that should include a bottle of bubbly too! After all, it's a day of a celebration! 

Photography by Shalyn Nelson, with Love the Nelsons :: Venue: Green Pastures :: Florals by Bristol Lane Floral Design :: Hair & Make-up by Makenzi Laine :: Custom Wedding Dress Illustration by Marry Me In Spring :: Vows by Wondrous Whimsy :: Model Couple: Jeff + Chelsea Pickering :: Wardrobe and Personal Accessories: owned by models :: Design + Coordination by Westcott Weddings