Nashville Anniversary by Madeline Harper


Olivia and Lee's anniversary session took place in their beautiful home. They searched for a home with touches of mid century modern and lots of plant life, and finally found their perfect house in Nashville, Tennessee. What's reflected most of all in their home is their love for each other and the welcoming, peaceful environment they've created for anyone who visits. "Home to us is the place where we can find rest and recharge together."

Olivia and Lee's advice to newlyweds building homes together is: "Marriage is work, but it doesn’t have to be hard work. We’ve learned to balance our other relationships and responsibilities with our marriage, and carve out time to spend together and listen to each other. Finding balance can be difficult, but when you trust and support each other it is much easier to continually work towards being better partners."

 I love what their photographer, Madeline Harper, wrote about them, "A home is only as good as the hearts in it, and Olivia and Lee have the most beautiful of both."

Photography by Harper Photography

Katie O. Selvidge2 Comments