Letting Go by Something Gold Photography

As the seasons change, so must we. Warm winds traded for crisp air - this 'in between' of one chapter to the next. What will you take with you? What will you leave behind? More often than not, there is so much more to leave behind and let go of than we think. 

Our days are full of over penciled-in calendars and constant dings or reminders of things we must do, now. And not just do, but more, and greater and bigger. And while more, greater and bigger is wonderful, we’re just human. We will, in fact, expire one day and for me, I hope as I near my expiration, I see more than just shiny accomplishments - which actually dull over time - but moments, relationships that served others in the most honest way and brought a little beauty to this world. 

Let it go. When you let go of what you think you need to do and start doing what you were meant to do, what really makes your heart sing, it’s amazing what the waves of grace will wash away. 

Photography by Something Gold Photography :: Ribbons by Silk & Willow :: Dress by Dolce Vita