Fall Wreath Foraging


Perhaps my favorite current ‘trend’ is foraging, or as I’ve called it for the past 20 years - picking the yard. Some days, I just have to take a few minutes, step out of the Cottage Hill office and connect with the flowers. Nurture the roses needing love in the chilly air, clip a few branches and maybe some dahlias who have been showing off like crazy this year. Then come back inside, turn up some Ella Fitzgerald and arrange. 

Kaylyn of 1956blooms did just that, except she had the beautiful gardens of Fivefork Farms to forage and create this simple, elegant fall wreath. I just love the how non-fussy her oversized wreath is, focusing more on the experience of creating, connecting than a fancy end product. Sometimes understander elegance is all that’s needed for a little holiday warmth on your front door. 

Kaylyn of 1956blooms for Creative Direction + Model :: Photography by Fawn DeViney :: Gardens at Fivefork Farms