Liberty Antiques Festival


Twice a year one hundred acres of a small town called Liberty, NC is filled to the brim with antique pieces and treasures. I always make a special trip out because I am infatuated with the hunt. I love finding new pieces to add charm and history to my home. 

This year, I brought a friend along to help her shop for pieces for her new home as well as Emily March Photography to document the adventure!

A few tips for antique shopping, especially if you are planning on using it in your home. Can you visualize a place for it? If it's something large that needs a space, decide where you're going to put it when you get home before you purchase it. Is it really a good deal? A quick google search will let you know if you are getting bang for your buck or if you're getting ripped off. How does it smell, look, and feel? If it has a funky smell, is too ratty or stained, or feels like it has been used one too many times, don't purchase it. While vintage items have imperfections, you don't want to buy something that has lost it's integrity. And finally, get creative! There are so many fun ways to use the pieces you find.

Katie O. Selvidge1 Comment