Pescadero Engagement by Arnau Dubois

Footprints in the sand represent a story. Whether it be the story of a little girl hopping from footprint to footprint behind her father or of a couple walking hand in hand along the shoreline as the sun sets.  When I asked Sara about her and David’s footprints in the sand she replied, David and I have been together for 5 and a half years so we have ‘walked’ a long way together. 

Sara and David both grew up by the ocean but Sara in Spain and David in Hong Kong. “I have very happy memories living by the ocean and so does David. Growing up, my parents made my brother and I walk on the beach every day during the spring and summer months because it was supposed to be really good for our feet. David and I joke about this every time we are at a beach. I always ask him, ‘Did you know that walking on the beach is really good for your feet?’. He laughs every time.”

Being from two different nationalities was not always easy for the couple, but they decided to invest in one another and stand by the other’s side no matter what challenges came their way. Love knows no language barrier or nation’s border. Love is a language spoken to hearts all over the world.

Photography by Arnau Dubois