Last Day to Preorder The Homecoming Issue!

Last month, we shared with you our beautiful cover of our Homecoming Issue - hope you love this stunning excerpt from our cover story above. This month, we are thrilled to share that the final copies are being bound and shipped to our office for distribution! Friends, Thanksgiving could not come at a better time because we are above and beyond grateful for each and every contributor, Kickstarter supporter, preorder and friendly message we have received in excitement for this launch!

With just a few days left until thousands of copies arrive at our doorstep, you have just a few more hours, midnight CST tonight, to preorder your copy here before we close preorders and start shipping. We will not open orders back until Saturday, November 15th. Those who preorder 5 or more copies now, will receive a special little something from our friends at Silk & Willow!

We are honored to share another excerpt from our cover story. A huge thanks to Sea Light StudiosElizabeth StuartMenguinMr. FlowersMia Moriguchi, Kalea Shaina Sotelo, Miller Williams and Island Sails Kaua’i for creating a story that embodies the mission of Cottage Hill. Also a warm thank you to the 30+ creative teams across the nation who have contributed original, authentic stories to Book One. 

Launching a new magazine can take some time before it hits wholesalers and newsstands. We will be sending some out to wholesalers in the next few weeks, but you may not be able to find Cottage Hill on you newsstand until closer to the holidays. We'd hate to make you wait to enjoy all the goodness we have in store. So go ahead and preorder here! And when you receive your copy, be sure to share on social media with the hashtag, #mycotagehill - we may share your excitement and post on our own feed!

Katie O. Selvidge2 Comments