Comfy + Bright NYC Home Tour


Aaron and Jillian's 450 square foot New York City apartment is fully of personality and love, just like them. While their space may be limited, they did a beautiful job of creating a cohesive yet vibrant living space. Their favorite part? The large windows that let in an abundance of lighting and the old hardwood floors. 

Along with a few hilarious cooking mishaps (that undoubtedly involved the NYC firemen), they are building a beautiful and intentional life in their tiny home. They have been married for two years and understand the importance of investing in one another. 

On Friday mornings we wake up at 5AM, grab coffee at the bakery on our street, and take a walk in Central Park together. It started because one morning around 4am I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I gently nudged Aaron awake and he suggested taking a walk. It’s been a favorite routine ever since and a part of the week we both look forward to. Aaron usually leaves for work before I get up so it’s the one morning where we’re able to have quality time - it’s always such a treat.

Photography by Jillian Lee of Eat Sleep Frolic

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