Meet our Silver Cup Artists

Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of our online presence is the celebration of great artists. Each month, we've had the honor of welcoming a new round of wonderful photographers, designers, artisans and other creatives who stand with us in believing that they are not merely 'vendors,' but true artists in their field. These are our Silver Cup sponsors - artists featured in our online and print advertising. 

We screen each artist through a thorough application process involving portfolio reviews, reference calling and personal interviews. As intentional as we were in creating Cottage Hill, we are just as intentional when selecting the sponsors who grace our online and print space. Our Silver Cup Sponsors are not only incredibly talented and kind, but are also like family, celebrating with us lives worthy of an elegant and meaningful legacy. 

Be sure to check out Silver Cup and see more from our artists. We have exciting news to share with our Silver Cup sponsors this week, so if you are an artist interested in joining, be sure to contact Ajenda at today!

Katie O. SelvidgeComment